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Whether you’re looking for diversified exposure or direct access to private real estate opportunities,
you can unlock the potential of private market investing on Investment minimums start at $5k.
Like any other asset class, investing in Real Estate comes with pros and cons. Adding Real Estate to your portfolio with could bring you some of these long term benefits:
  • Historically outperformed US Equities
  • Natural inflation hedge
  • Lower correlation to public markets
  • Income and growth opportunities
  • Tax efficient
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How is investing in real estate on different?

All real estate opportunities undergo a stringent multi-step vetting process designed to comprehensively review them from various risk lenses. This vetting process ensures a resilient investment structure that seeks to minimize surprise.

About Company
Strong track record
Realized debt deals have an average net annualized return of ~9%
Experienced managers has raised over $900M across 100+ real estate offerings with more than $350M in principal repaid to investors thus far.
Our real estate credit heads, combine for 40+ years of experience spanning numerous market cycles.

Unparalleled access
The firm’s strong partnerships and relationships give investors access to real estate’s most coveted deals that were previously reserved for institutional investors.
Lower minimums and transparent fees
Investment minimums start at $5k. In addition, we provide investors with a lower and more transparent fee schedule compared to crowdfunding competitors who undercut investors IRR through miscellaneous fees.